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“This is the perfect time for a play like When Loves Speaks! Go with all your loved ones. Engrossing, entertaining, touching.
– Patron at our Preview

“Poetry that you might know well and poetry that you might never have heard before is combined and wound into inventive moments of passion, persuasion or pique. Poetry inflames or confuses, entices or entreats. It is all the dialogue.”

-Miryam Gordon, theatre critic (full review here)


I cannot praise this production enough, it has everything going for it, beginning with the light and airy set, by Roberta Russell, which served the production to a T. Director Daniel Wilson deserves the highest praise, as he drew out the best in all the actors…”

“Then of course there was the acting, very few actors could have done this, all the roles were vocally demanding, they spoke clearly, conveyed the meaning of the complex poetry, while engaging the audience. Katherine Jett was particularly amusing as the vulnerable, gawky, lovesick Stella, her comic timing was right on the money…

In an evening of outstanding performances, there was also Christine Marie Brown, whose velvety voice drew the audience in like a snake charmer. Her treatise on the inexplicable nature of love and forgiveness and her “uppityness” added something that a modern audience could applaud…If you love poetry, this is a play to see, if you have hitherto hated poetry, this show will change your mind.

– Drama in the Hood (full review here)



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