Our mission is to produce plays that dance on the line between comedy and tragedy, taking the light of life seriously and the serious lightly; to create a space where, in Robert Frost’s words, “the work is play for mortal stakes.”

Terry Edward Moore

Producing Artistic Director

Terry has acted and/or directed for most of the professional theaters in the Pacific Northwest, including ACT, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 5th Avenue, and Intiman, and from coast to coast. After an unsettling recent role—as a serial killer in A Shade of Green at Theatre 9/12—he was apparently so convincing (check out this review) that no one had the courage to hire him for months after.  So he decided to start his own theater.

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Daniel Wilson

Associate Artistic Director

Daniel’s theatrical passions gyrate between the patricide, matricide and fratricide of Greek tragedy, and the sequins, songs and dancing boys of Broadway musicals.  He’s delighted to fuse these schizoid halves building Thalia’s Umbrella.

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Cornelia Duryée

Casting Director

Cornelia is a zombie killer. With a baseball bat. At least, she played one in Zombies of Mass Destruction. (She’s also played a zombie. Hmmmm.) When she’s gotten enough sleep, Cornelia writes, produces and directs (both film and theater), and works as a casting director.

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Muse of Comedy

Who is Thalia?  Shakespeare did not ask, but well you might. Thalia is one of the nine Greek muses: the muse of Comedy. We think, these days, she needs an umbrella.

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