We Have a Play! We Have a Venue!

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It has been a taxing experience (hmmm . . . ), but we have vanquished the IRS, Samuel French, and several other really, really big institutions, and we can finally say:

We will be producing Athol Fugard’s A Lesson from Aloes, October 9-October 26, at the Isaac Studio, Taproot Theater’s new black box theater.

The cast is Terry Edward Moore, William Hall, Jr, and Pamela Nolte. Daniel Wilson directs.

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Oh! What a Lovely Cast and Crew!

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Sheila – Leslie Law

Brian – Terry Edward Moore

Grace – Susan Corzatte

Freddy – Brandon Whitehead

Pam – Carol Roscoe

Jo – Aidyn Stevens


Director: Daniel Wilson


Set – Jason Phillips

Lights – Walter Kilmer

Costumes – Deane Middleton

Props – Jodi Sauerbier

Sound – Evan Mosher


Stage Manager – Miranda Pratt

ASM – Nina Trotto

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In the middle of auditions for Pam and Freddie, the couple who come to visit in Act 2. Very humbling to have such talented folk willing to come play with us, even for the day!

It’s going to be a tough choice . . . glad that’s Daniel’s problem, not mine . . . (did you see that buck go by??

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