Sorry by Richard Nelson

Jigsaw puzzles. Shape-note singing.
Chinese Food for breakfast. Memories lost and found.
A typical American family on Election Day!

June 9th – 26th

12th Avenue Arts

“A rare and radiant mirror  . . .[a] beautiful, deeply cathartic play.”—Ben Brantley, New York Times

“I’ve been trying to find words to describe what it felt like to be inside . . . as the election raged noisily outside, what it’s like listening to the Apples speak to each other in inside-voices.  It was a lovely, near-religious feeling of shared citizenship, one of the things theater was invented to foster.”—Scott Brown, New York Magazine

It is 5am on Election Day 2012.  The three Apple sisters and their Uncle Benjamin, a retired actor, have been up all night, singing, eating Chinese food, and trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle. Their brother, Richard, arrives in time for a very early breakfast. As this family of artists and committed public servants tease each other and tell stories, as they struggle with their own urgent concerns while arguing about the meaning and utility of elections (Richard has drifted from the others’ Democratic activism), the national issues illuminate what is happening close to home, and vice versa. These politics are very local—and very personal—indeed.

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